Pet Hair Scissors Clippers




These dog grooming scissors and combs are made of high-quality stainless steel for last a long time and without rusting, durable, functional, and very sharp pet scissors can help you to quickly and easily trim hair, create a hairstyle for your lovely pets. our dog home grooming scissors can be made you feel more happiness and very enjoy the process of pet grooming.


The wonderful Pet Hair Scissors Clippers all your pet's grooming needs and requirements. Cold treatment ensures the hardness and durability of the pet scissors, dog grooming scissors have a strong sense of balance, these scissors will stay sharp through many hours of use! The bonus Steel Grooming Comb will help you in removing mats and tangles during the grooming session.


The Pet Hair Scissors Clippers for cutting hair, mainly used for pet hair flat parts. Thinning scissors is used to thinning hair, let the hair after pruning more natural and beautiful. The two curved scissors are designed for up-Curved and down-Curved. This design ensures the minimum risk for your pet's sensitive areas such as eyelashes, nose, face, ears, belly, hips, etc.


  • Item Type:  Scissors
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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