Pet Dog Poop Bag Dispenser




Our dog waste bags are of high quality. The bags are degradable and are friendly to the environment. The material will degrade at the end of its useful life in the presence of oxygen much more quickly than ordinary plastic. Additionally, we use recycled materials in our packaging and roll cores because of details matter.


9 x13 inches pet waste bags are completely leak-proof, you don't have to worry about these secretions getting into your hands. The biodegradable waste bags are thick enough to hold more excrement and keep your hands clean, which can help you no longer fall into embarrassment or a bad mood after pickups.


The Pet Dog Poop Bag Dispenser is with good toughness and breakpoint design. Easy to tear off. Easy to pick up or remove pet poop and leak-proof dog waste bags guarantee to keep your hands safe. Included two reusable dispensers with a carabiner-style clip, easy to attach the dispenser to a leash securely.


  • Item Type: Poop Bag Dispenser
  • Type: Pet

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