Epic Companion 2 Packs Pet Adjustable Seatbelt Straps

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Heading out with Your Pet Dog?
Pet dogs just love to ride in cars, but let’s face it - it’s not always fun to have your pet half-standing & half-sitting in the backseat, feeling all anxious while you drive on the freeway. It can be a distracting - potentially dangerous - experience for everyone in the car.

Why Buy a Dog Seatbelt Strap?

It keeps your pet dog safe & secure throughout the journey.
It keeps you free from distractions & worries so that you can concentrate on the road ahead.
It provides an added protection to your pet dog from lesions that sudden braking usually causes.

Design Features

This dog seatbelt strap fits into seatbelt latches of 
all major car makes.
It comes with an easily 
adjustable strap (23” to 35”) that allows enough room for your pet dog to be comfortable.
The seatbelt strap 
doesn’t cause any injuries.
These dog seatbelts are 
suitable for all dog breeds & sizes up to 110 lbs.
The nylon strap & metal clip as well as hook are strong enough to 
resist clawing & chewing.